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Insurance bad faith generally describes the type of law which governs the actions of insurance companies that fail to pay claims covered under insurance policies when they should pay a claim and know it.   Under these circumstances, an insurance company can be liable for the actual claim amount which should have been paid under the contract, plus all damages which flow from the insurer’s failure to pay.  ... Read More

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ERISA is an acronym for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.  This federal statute governs the vast majority of insurance claims submitted by employees with benefits through their employer benefit plans.  Unfortunately, few attorneys are willing to accept denied claims governed by ERISA.  Why? Because success on the ... Read More

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Personal injury is a general phrase which describes the type of law governing civil wrongs, or “torts” caused by another, whether a person or entity, such as a corporation.  Some of the types of cases which are personal injury cases include automobile accidents, slip-and-falls, product liability, dog bites, boating accidents, medical malpractice, etc.  If someone is injured   ... Read More

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