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Surgical Errors and Anesthesia Errors

Health care professional errors can occur in almost any situation, but some types of errors are more common than others. However, indicating that an error has occurred is not sufficient to establish liability. 

The patient must indicate that the error did not meet the standard of care appropriate to the physician’s specialty and was a direct result of the injury. In other words, frustration with the results of the procedure is not a basis for medical malpractice or an error that did not actually harm the patient.

Physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals may be responsible for errors in prescribing or prescribing medications. The physician will be responsible for the error of the nurse and the hospital administration that handles them if an error occurs during the prescription.

Sometimes prescription errors are related to misdiagnosis because the doctor may prescribe medication for misdiagnosed cases. In other cases, the doctor may prescribe the wrong medication or the nurse may give the wrong amount. The nurse can confuse patients and give medication to one patient to another. Or hospital equipment may malfunction and prescribe the wrong dose. Learn more about drug bugs.

Birth Injuries

Medication Errors

Many obvious disruption events occur during surgical procedures. Some types of surgical errors are said to never occur, meaning that medical professionals recognize that such errors should never occur. In such cases, the patient may not need expert testimony because the negligence is obvious.

Perhaps the most common example of any phenomenon is the leaving of a sponge or other surgical instrument on the patient’s body. The doctor may also operate on the wrong patient or the wrong part of the body, or injure another part of the patient’s body during the procedure. Postoperative infections and complications can cause great harm if not treated properly. Learn more about surgical errors.


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Gynecologists, obstetricians, and other health professionals can cause lifelong harm to newborns without meeting occupational care standards. Possible causes of malfunction include cerebral palsy, paralysis, nerve injury, developmental disorders, and fractures. Sometimes improper treatment or prenatal care can harm both mother and baby. 

Sometimes a doctor cannot diagnose the condition and make a diagnosis once a knowledgeable doctor notices it. This can lead to a more advanced stage of the disease, which requires more treatment and can lead to more pain and suffering in the patient. In the case of a serious illness such as cancer, misdiagnosis or late diagnosis can lead to the patient’s death.

The applicant of this type of claim must provide expert testimony from a physician who can explain why a competent physician treating a similar patient has correctly diagnosed or previously diagnosed with the disease. The specialist should also explain the impact of the error or delay on the patient’s health. Learn more about cases of misdiagnosis.

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